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After pulling crackers, playing a couple of games and having a Christmas Quiz, the raffle was drawn.  The main prize was a hamper , followed by several smaller prizes.  We enjoyed some good food prepared by committee members, including some very festive buns.

Our photos show fun being had playing the chocolate game – two shakers, each with two dice in, were passed round the table.  If a 76 was shaken, the person had to put on a scarf, hat and gloves, pick up a knife and fork and cut themselves a piece of chocolate from the block on the plate.  However, the dice continued to go round the table, and if someone else shook a 6 before the person had managed to cut a piece of chocolate, then they had to pass the hat, scarf, gloves, cutlery and plate of chocolate to them.  It was surprising how many times a 6 turned up and how many times someone just missed getting a piece of chocolate – but the chocolate all got eaten in the end!


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